Personal Life Non-Content, Part 1: Let Me Rationalize At You

This isn’t exactly the kind of smart/dumb/critical/third-person writing I have usually done on this site. For the past few weeks, I have had to deal with a number of issues in my home, personal, and financial life. In addition to meaning I have less time and energy to write on this blog (which I absolutely love doing,) these problems have also led me to quit my rinky-dink on-campus sales job where I made a whopping 10% commission and no base pay. In the few months I’ve been there, I have made around $100. I loved the environment and everybody there but a quick cost-benefit analysis told me that I had to go.

It's gonna take more than that to keep me in Pringles.
It’s gonna take more than that to keep me in Pringles.

You could ask, quite reasonably, why I’m writing about this stuff here. Well, apart from the old It’s-my-blog-and-I-do-what-I-want stance, I wanted to take time to level with you guys who read my posts regularly about why I haven’t been very consistent about when I have new content ready. More importantly, I wanted to level with myself in a kinda-public space where I can be kinda-held accountable for what I say and do. And I felt like I wanted to churn out a quick blog post to make myself feel validated.

Anime GIFs are my life's blood.
Anime GIFs are my life’s blood.

Big point: I really want to write more. And I would prefer to write about things that matter to me that I have something original/meaningful to say. I have some ideas and drafts churning around and hopefully I can turn those into full posts pretty soon. I also have a third Liebster Award to do from MarvelouslyMismatched, and I may do one of those “blogger challenge” things. So I have stuff coming down the pipeline! In the meantime, I just wanted to check in and tell you lovely internet people about why I haven’t been smart at you as often as I’d like.

And clocking in at just under 400 words, this post is shameless filler. And that’s okay.

PS If you guys have things you’d like to see me write about or just general suggestions/tips and tricks, why not shoot me a comment? C’mon, you know you wanna…

Other Stuff I Done Did:
That time I was tired and watched all of FLCL.
That time JoJo made me angry.
That time Microsoft and Valve made me confused.


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